Overall: 8.4/10

Huckleberry is a great spot for brunch if you’re looking for a café type place with a farm-to-table philosophy. The food is good and the people are great. They really make it an enjoyable experience. I felt at home every time I walked in the doors.

Food: 8/10

With 19 items, the brunch menu does a good job offering something for everyone for all times of the day. The food is as natural and local as you can find, and you have a plethora of amazing baked good s to choose from

Service: 8/10

I’m pretty sure being an awesome person is a prerequisite to work here. From the people that take your order at the counter to the ones that bring out your food, everyone is always smiling and in a good mood. But then again it’s pretty hard to frown when you’re in beautiful Santa Monica.

Staff Rundown:

Bryan @brycobry: The rare dark haired cali kid with good looks that should be modeling but took the actor route due to height requirements and a passion for drama. Don’t be intimidated, he’s as friendly and approachable as the next guy.

Jaicy @jaicyelliot: The perky and fun California girl that Katy Perry wrote a song about.

Steffen @steffelopod: The guy you wish all your friends were like. Cool, funny, with a little swag.

Albin: The guy that will light up your day with his personality.

Chris: Does the backwards floral hat make him the coolest dude in the café or a crazy botanist? Well you’ll soon find out its the former.

Katelyn @katelyn_val @baristakate: The friendly, charming barista whose coffee art will always put a smile on your face. Don’t worry if she’s not there. She has highly trained backups.

Experience: 9.5/10

Now remember this is a café so people don’t wait on you. You order at the counter and then move down the line to pay at the register. They then give you a number that you put on your table and they bring your food when it’s ready. You then leave your plates on the table when you’re done and they clean up after you leave. They don’t allow you to save tables while you wait in line/before ordering. You have to find a table after you order and get your number. I didn’t mind this system. It seemed to work well. It can get a little crammed when its busy since the tables are close together. At times you might have to maneuver to avoid people trying to find a table/get water or coffee and waiters trying to bring out food/clean the tables for the next people. The water is in a big container by the coffee and mason jars are underneath for the water. Sometimes they run out of water and don’t realize it and sometimes there aren’t any mason glass jars. That’s just how busy it can get during brunch. Don’t really fault them there. If you order a drip coffee you get free-refills and can just fill it up yourself which I like. Keeps you from having to wait on someone to bring you another cup.




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Written by Brady Ervin

I model and run a brunch blog. Modeling is my profession, food is my passion

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