Manager: Chrissy Anderson

Head Chef: Maiki Le

Pastry Chef: Courtney Reed

Head Butcher: Alex Jermasek

Waiters: Hannah and Michael

Instagram: @belcampomeatco / @belcampobarsamo

Overall: 9/10

For good old American farm food, Belcampo is the place to go; bringing the tastes and personality of their farm straight to your table. Simple ingredients with an emphasis on quality and integrity create amazing meals for a memorable brunch.

Food: 8/10

The drinks are all well made showing creativity, innovation and personality. The Paczki and Grilled Banana Bread were great dishes to satisfy your sweet tooth (sorry mom, but they out did your banana bread). The Cobb salad is the best I’ve had and one I will always remember. You can’t go wrong with the Eggs Benedict or Grilled Beef Brisket as they are both excellent in their own category. The Chivito Sandwich is no joke the best roast beef sandwich I’ve had to date. I also can’t remember having a better constructed simple cheeseburger. The Breakfast Burger was so epic it’s hard to forget that one too. Nothing really stands out for the sides, unless you feel creative and mix stuff together like I did. Breakfast Biscuit anyone? The Roasted Brussels Sprouts are the best item in the “Vegetables” section.

Service: 8/10

Service here is good. They are quick to make the drinks and always make sure you have a full glass of water. They do a good job with catering to when you want certain dishes to come out, and they are always quick to remove any finished plates. Important to note, I usually came in right when the brunch started so the place was hardly busy. You could have a different experience if you came in during the brunch rush.

Experience: 9/10

Coming in between 10:30-11am, I always got the pick of the litter when it came to where I wanted to sit. I also pretty much had my own personal waiter since there were only two waiters and a bartender to tend just me and maybe a two other tables. The staff was very nice and friendly. Hannah and Michael were the two servers I had during my visits and they were both great. They always made me feel at home and made sure to do everything they could to give me the best possible experience. The Pastry Chef, Courtney, was even nice enough to come out and talk about her Paczki, that were inspired by her polish boyfriend. So nice and friendly, I can see why everyone in the kitchen loves her.



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Written by Brady Ervin

I model and run a brunch blog. Modeling is my profession, food is my passion

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