Overall: 9/10
As a health conscious foodie, I loved this place. As opposed to more carb heavy brunches, this place leaves you feeling energized instead of sluggish. Go early or late to avoid longer waits and to snag a nice spot outside. A large menu with plenty of variety for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers assures that everyone leaves satisfied and feeling great.

Food: 8/10
In my opinion, this is maybe the healthiest chain restaurants in Santa Monica. They build their menu around an anti-inflammatory diet influenced by Andrew Weil, M.D who states, “Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help counteract the chronic inflammation that is a root casuse of many serious diseases, including those that become more frequent as people age. It is a way of selecting and preparing foods based on science that can help people achieve and maintain optiumum health over their lifetime.”
The food is good. Some dishes are better than others. The pictures will let you know which ones to order and which ones to skip. Don’t go here expecting an instagram worthy induldgence. They don’t offer it. Their menu includes only two muffins that are on the smaller side for brunch portions. And their sole pancake dish is made with quinoa and topped with greek yogurt. But thankfully, given their healthy ingredients and reasonable portions, you leave this place feeling light and energized vs slow and sluggish.

Service: 9/10
Excellent service everytime. From the hostess’ that seat you to the waiters/waitresses that take your order, everyone is very friendly and accomodating. Stick to the non peak hours for more personal attention as this place can get busy.

Experience: 10/10
I loved every trip I made to True Food. The restaurant was well lit, plenty of sunshine coming in from the windows, and the decor made you feel like you were eating at friends house with the use of wood furniture and flower arrangements. The patio is also a great aspect with the large umbrellas to keep you cool in the shade. Hard to beat an outdoor under the umbrella brunch in Santa Monica.
The menu is nicely sectioned and easy to navigate. There is also a large variety given they basically take their lunch and dinner menu and add the “breakfast” section. So if you want a specialiazed brunch with a lot of food you can’t get during the week, look elsewhere. Of the 42 or so brunch items on the menu, only 5 contain eggs which is on the low end for brunch.









Written by Brady Ervin

I model and run a brunch blog. Modeling is my profession, food is my passion

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